7 August 2013


Danny Boyle's latest, 'Trance' does exactly what the title states. This film will take you on a roller-coaster of a ride dealing with the human psyche and thus manipulating the viewers state of mind with certain stylistic techniques. I think the most important thing to take away after watching is that it is a Trance and nothing else. Don't expect anything else - just sit and enjoy. 

The script and direction work simultaneously together to create an ingenuous twist to the classic heist format that visually vibrate through your mentality. James McAvoy (Atonement & Wanted) who seems to be the man of the moment, gives another spectacular performance playing Simon an auctioneer (we think) who double crosses a notoriously ruthless criminal, Franck (Vincent Cassel - Black Swan) and makes away with the goods. Except when hunted down, he momentarily forgets the location of a £25 million painting - good one Simon! In order to retrace his steps he resorts to hypnotism to retrieve the art work, oh and to save his arse from the rough guys in town. Rosario Dawson (Elizabeth) brings an alluring and audacious character to life on screen whilst hypnotising virtually everyone. Everyone's playing everyone and everything crosses over, blurring into different frames of mind (literally). To the point where it kind of looses it self and you have to deal with the fact that not only this is a tricky plot but Boyle along side the writers are deliberately throwing you off and distorting your perception on reality resulting in finding yourself (along with the protagonist) somewhere else entirely. 

With a tint of ruthlessness embodied in Boyle's earlier work, 'Shallow Grave' (1994) & 'Trainspotting' (1996), 'Trance' will blow your mind away and shatter your conciousness when trying to keep up with the unreliable narration. This fast-paced, stylish, sexy and full of deception game will keep you guessing throughout and  will linger long after you have left the theatre. One I'll be watching again that's for sure.       

Directed by Danny Boyle
101mins, 15 (2013)    

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