6 August 2013

Hannibal (TV Series One)

The iconic and even cult psychiatrist (with some cannibalistic tendencies) that goes by the name Hannibal, has been re-invented for our home cinemas. The creator Bryan Fuller has taken the classic 'Red Dragon' novel by Thomas Hardy and created a prequel in it's own right, giving the series a more eerie feel than just playing on the whole eating humans thing. One thing I will say is that this show gives nothing away, I mean absolutely nada. 'Hannibal' will keep you guessing at every turn and even try to throw you off a scent if you think your getting close to finding out the answers to the riddles Hannibal speaks. 

To take on this infamous Doctor, is Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale & The Hunt) - notoriously known for playing the bad guy and here he truly shows us how well he can act in front of the camera throughout the season. The series follows the relationship Hannibal develops with one of his patients, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) - a  young FBI criminologist who is constantly haunted by his ability to empathise and get into the head of serial killers. Definitely enough to make anyone seek out help from a Doctor, shame he got stuck with Hannibal! Hugh Dancy gives us a brilliantly awkward and troubled performance and we physically see the deterioration of his character on screen. Without giving too much away as I really don't want to spoil this one - if you like a good crime drama, dealing with some pretty nasty serial killers, with a cast that has certainly blown my mind then take the time to watch this. With the likes of Laurence Fishburne, Caroline Dhavernas, Gillian Anderson and even Eddie Izzard all collaborate and tackle this script with sheer intensity and passion. As the protagonist slowly loses his mind, you as the viewer will be thrown into the mind of a troubled man affected by the surroundings of the physiologically unstable world he finds himself in. Every dream sequence is done in such a vivid and artistic manner evoking the intended uneasy atmosphere, that the directors and writers alike deserve every praise they receive. Seriously, one of the best dramas in the last decade and I am already waiting in anticipation for the second series - but I shall be wary of people cooking French cuisine! 

Directed by Various People
45mins, 18 (2013)

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