10 January 2019

End of year Round-Up: 2018

2018 you have been a busy year, that's for sure!

Whilst not being very active on the old blog, film reviews have been coming out of ears! Not to mention everything I have learnt and all the amazing opportunities that have come my way. 

We have had a very successful festival run with Cumulus, winning Best Animation at The International film Festival of Wales and being selected for a number of others. Movies on Weekends has got onto yet more marketing content (go us!!) and having my hand in a feature film was utterly brilliant.  

Here's a selection of favorites below and the Cumulus trailer, just in case you missed it:

Murder on the Orient Express 
In this Corner of the World
Dead in a Week (or your money back) 

Cumulus Trailer: 

10 October 2017

Monthly Round-Up (August & September)

It's been a busy couple of months launching Cumulo Media (take a look, you know you want to!) but it's certainly been fun! 

Here is what I have been seeing: 

We Make Movies on the Weekends ~

Death Note 
Moon Dogs 

The Fan Carpet ~

Let Me Go

HeyUGuys ~

LKFF: The Villainess 
Elliot Grove - 25th Raindance Film Festival  interview

Thanks for reading chaps! 

Monthly Round-Up July 2017

Mr. Nolan has done it again! What a stellar of a film - check out my review for Dunkirk below 

This month has been very exciting. Whilst it hasn't been filled full of screenings it has been jam packed with other creative projects which I can hopefully show you all soon!

We Make Movies on Weekends ~ 

Thanks for reading - keep your eyes open for more 

3 July 2017

Monthly Round-Up (June 2017)

Summer is here and so are a few good gems! 

A tad of a busy month but managed to fit these few in ~

We Make Movies on Weekends ~ 

EEFF: Brexitannia 
Theatre Review: Held 

HeyUGuys ~ 

In this Corner of the World 

3 June 2017

Monthly Round Up (May 2017)

Despite being stuck at home without a voice, May has been a great month for the cinema, indie releases and the start of the festival season - Here's what I've been watching: 

We Make Movies on Weekends ~ 

Sci-Fi London Film Festival: 
Love and Saucers 
The End of Lonely Island 

Six Rounds 

HeyUGuys ~ 

TV: White Gold 

Keep and eye out for more festival goodness and a rather profound anime up for grabs in June! Brings on the sunshine 

Thanks for reading as always!!

27 April 2017

Monthly Round Up (March/April 2017)

Welcome to March's Round Up! It was a pleasure to speak to the director of such a great little animation - take a look below >>> 

HeyUGuys ~

A Silent Voice
Naoko Yamada on 'A Silent Voice' Interview
Eyeless on Gaza

We Make Movies on Weekends ~

Another Mother's Son