20 June 2013

The Bourne Legacy

One of the biggest secret agent franchises has hit the screen again. The Bourne Legacy (2012) has got a new man in the limelight - no one other than Hawkeye, I mean Jeremy Renner. The sequel follows almost the same time line as The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) but looks more closely at Treadstone and how they operate. Well if you call killing off all your undercover agents operating across the globe then Treadstone is the place for you! When reading the back of the DVD and other reviews I thought yeah, great give me a bigger incite into Treadstone; however it never really got there - the plot was virtually unfulfilled. Maybe that's a bit harsh but the crux of the story is that Aaron Cross (Renner) escapes the traps of the agency and oh gets the girl out of it (Rachel Weisz). Fans will be disappointed if they expected it to be as thrilling as the first trilogy but if you like car chases you won't be (perhaps fast and the furious would be a better option). A standard action flick nevertheless, I just wish it gave us a few more pointers and answered a few more questions. Judge for yourselves guys but probably not one I'll be popping in the DVD player anytime soon.

Directed by - Tony Gilroy
135mins, 12A (2012)

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