24 June 2013

Banshee (TV Series One)

So what happens when you take a man out of jail, he hunts down the woman he loves, accidentally kills the towns new sheriff (in the first episode - oops!) and then conveniently gets away with pretending to be the new sheriff in town. Well 'Banshee' happens. From the producers of the popular vampire series 'True Blood' (Alan Ball & Peter Macdissi) 'Banshee' follows suit with violence, lots of sex and oh strange people in a strange town. After watching the first episode I was hooked. Not because of the amazing script or plot line (sorry writers) but the character development when they aren't ripping each others clothes off, is very believable. We see people hiding their true identity to cover up the past and getting away with fabricating completely new lives for themselves. Wouldn't you like to go to a town in the middle of nowhere and play sheriff for a bit? To take on the role of the new sheriff (Lucas Hood) is actor Anthony Starr (Rush & Lowdown) who delivers a beautifully damaged and fragile guy to our screens (nice eyes too) but boy he isn't putting up with any crap anytime soon. The love of his life Carrie Hopewell (Ivana Milicevic - Vanilla Sky & Vegas) who also happens to be the woman he went to jail over, equally brings a solid performance when trying to conceal her true identity from her new family and friends.

Minus all the nasty things that happen in this little town, I think it could be fun playing sheriff providing you don't get caught! I think the only thing I will say is that some of the plot lines are a bit unbelievable. For example a 20 minute long fight scene between and a man and a woman that is ridiculously brutal, unless this woman has supernatural strength the writers forgot to tell the audience about I think she wouldn't last 5 minutes against this guy. Other than the remarkable escape artists the majority of the characters seem to be, I will praise the slick edit and quirky feel this series embodies. Flashbacks, flash forwards and flawless parallel edits all add to a visually stimulating, exciting experience for the viewer.

'Banshee' is a fast paced, comical, sad, arkward and sexy TV series. Watch out for the steamy sex scenes - fantasically gory fights and beware of scenes that will make squirm and force you to look away (ok maybe I should give the writers some credit). Catch 'Banshee' on a Monday night from 10pm on Sky Atlantic - you won't be disappointed.  

Directed by various people
60mins, 18 (2013)

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