16 August 2015

Music Video ~ Supergeek: "Geeky"

As many of you know, as well as writing every spare minute I get, I also like to dabble in filmmaking! 

Whilst focusing on short film and producing an upcoming animation, a few months back I helped local artist Supergeek make his first ever music video - 'Geeky'. As I am sure many of you will be able to tell by the opening beat, this is indeed a parody of Pharrell William's world famous 'Happy', swapping the odd word here and there to fully encapsulate 'Geek' culture. Whilst I directed the shoot itself, the man of the moment called in some favours to all his glorious cosplayer friends, resulting in one hell of a cosplay gathering @Liverpool Street Station. Through all the rain and wind we managed to produce a rather nifty little video, which we hope you all enjoy. 

Please feel free to share around and spread the word about 'Geeky'!

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