9 January 2014

Coloured Snow (Short Series)

Small Production Company Cumulo Pictures targets the short film market with their latest series of shorts; Coloured Snow.
Is seeing really believing?
This is the main question posed to us throughout this psychological thriller. Coloured Snow follows the story of Terry, who has sadly just lost his wife but is still convinced she is very much alive. As endless visions of his late wife Hazel flood Terry’s mind things start to get interested and we as viewers start to question what we see before us. Being 14 short episodes ranging from seconds to around to approximately 14 minutes build this story, cleverly scattering clues and hints for us to follow gearing us up for the series finale.
Firstly, Coloured Snow is following suit with the whole, don’t give too much away tactic that seems to be popular throughout TV and Cinema, and does this well. It is certainly a breath of fresh air when it comes to making you think for yourself and most importantly – originality. Alongside a well written script, which at times is a little un-nerving we have an eerie, melodic soundtrack by Stumbleine that makes the series all the more effective.
Despite the solid script, at times lead actor Matthew Jameson seems a tad uncertain of what he is actually saying. Albeit this is the guys character as he hallucinates about this dead wife, but it still felt a bit too forced especially when it came to the flashbacks we receive. Meanwhile, Cerian Holland playing the part of Hazel flips nicely between ‘dead’ and ‘alive’ in various silky evening gowns. Of course, this isn't an immaculate piece of work, but considering this was produced within the restrictions of a low-budget, Coloured Snow is a great example that good things can be accomplished without shoving a tonne of money behind a project. 
Director and writer of the show, Ioan Holland has certainly shown us their is potential in his work and shall hopefully pave the way for bigger projects in the future. With inescapable references to sci-fi and other worlds Coloured Snow is a unique short series that is worth your time. Enjoy deciphering this one, just be prepared for the shaky, handheld camera used throughout the series. 
Start your journey here and get lost in the world of Coloured Snow http://ow.ly/rGz4x

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