16 September 2013


I know I'm watching this one after all the hype and I was genuinely excited to finally be sitting down watching it - but what a waste of time! It really was shameful! I hear that was the message of this feature, however it's the only word that springs to mind when thinking back to what I saw on screen and trying to make sense of it. 

Tell me how long can you watch a guy battling with a sex addiction for? There was no story line, at least there was no depth to the fair and far between sub-plots that I deemed worthy of having more time devoted to them. There is only one reason (that I can see) why critics were raving about how good this was and that was down to the wise decision to cast Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan in the leading roles. The performances that were given (dare I say it) out of this world - certainly Fassbender when he wasn't getting lost in a prostitute and speaking actual words. But truly magnificent effort on both parts. This film is certainly not a light-hearted - lets put it on and save it for a rainy day type of film, this has some pretty heavy emotive content, so I guess the script gets points for that. Despite the fact I said the performances are riveting there is hardly any dialogue. Independent films such as Drive (2011) and earlier on Malick's Badlands (1973) which were equally perceived well by critics and audiences alike had minimal dialogue and also set in a complicated but romantic plot line. Films like these kind of set a trend but sadly I think Shame could have done with a bit more speech and less time under sheets. Don't get me wrong the sex scenes you see on screen were fabulously shoot. The cinematography was astounding and certainly credit goes to the editor Joe Walker for creating some very serene and slightly on the crude side but tastefully done love making. There was just something that didn't ignite that cinematic or indeed independent spark inside me - glad I watched it but won't suffer it again.

Directed by Steve McQueen
101 mins, 18 (2011)

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