13 August 2013

The Interpreter

What would you do if you over-heard an assassination attempt on someone quite politically profound, when you shouldn't have because you were somewhere you shouldn't have been? You would tell someone right? Well Silvia Broome (Nicole Kidman) an interpreter for the U.N. decides to keep this one to herself until she realises that it might have been beneficial if she had told someone! But little do we know that Silvia has a bit of a history with Zuwani, the currently man in power in Zimbawe.

Despite what some of you might think, this film is not jam packed with political twaddle and dwells more on character development and motives. Alongside Kidman we have Sean Penn (Tobin Keller) playing the part of a secret service bodyguard to Silvia when things start to get serious. Apart from Kidman's wannabee South Africa/ Australian (with a bit of English thrown in) accent both actors deliver vibrant performances giving their broken characters feeling again. The amount of detail paid to such a story and effort that went into production is evident on screen. The fact that 'Ku' a fictional language, deriving from two African languages was used throughout (very well by Kidman) and that most of the scenes in the U.N. are actually shot in the United Nations Headquarters thus filming was limited to the weekend shows utter dedication from the entire crew. Thumbs up for that - thumbs down for the predictable twist that you sadly see coming a mile off. If the script was just tweaked a tiny a bit and few more clever deceiving lines to throw the viewer off would have made this political thriller 10 times better. Overall, one that I enjoyed but one I probably won't see again.

Directed by Sydney Pollack
128mins, 12 (2005)

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