3 July 2013

World War Z

After I first watched the trailer for this I wasn't sure what to expect but when I got round to see it, well I can safely say I was surprised - in a good way. Despite trying desperately not to compare WWZ with Danny Boyle's '28 Days Later' (2002) who first brought the running zombies to our screens I couldn't help but recall it when watching this new zombie tale. However the incredible zombie swamped battle scenes created in this motion picture are just as chilling as when we saw them in '28 Days Later'. I found myself on the edge of my seat as the director (Marc Forster) and the soundtrack delivered a very tense image that fills us both with fear and an utter overwhelming sense of despair when we are shown just how this Zombie virus has taken hold in every corner of the globe. Yes, I do think that this was the aim of the film but the more I think about it the more I focus on the lack of emotion created between the all American hero, Brad Pitt and his family. I certainly didn't feel anything for them when he was sent out in the thick of the zombie infestation to try and stop it. All very well until they realise that this is Brad Pitt and regardless of his role he really isn't cut out for saving earth, but Hollywood saves the day with a few cleverly scripted lines hinting at how to deal with this virus. One line sticks out particularly - 'Mother nature is a serial killer. She wants to get caught, she leaves breadcrumbs, she leaves clues...Mother nature knows how to disguise her weakness as strength' and of course this is the key. I won't give too much away guys but although we get that question answered there are endless questions that are only touched on and then completely forgotten about leaving you feeling a tad unsatisfied but perhaps if I get a chance to read the book such aspects will become clear.

Considering the production went way over budget due to having to re-shoot some poignant scenes that Brad had to pitch in himself to get it to the theatres, some of the effects are obviously rushed resulting in poor quality CGI which let the film down marginally. There are only a few shoots where this is the case but they stand out against the skilled make-up and prosthetics that the majority of zombies are in. The build up in this story is the main thing that really makes this a good film. Don't get me wrong in the opening sequence it gets straight in there but then we have a lot of waiting around building tension, creating that anticipation in the viewers mind, thus when something does happen we are all the more terrified for the characters on screen. Also I think the attention to detail is spot on. Even though they don't know where the virus originated from and how to treat it, they know that it spreads rapidly once bitten (12 seconds to be exact) and they actually address what would happen if you got blood in your mouth which sometimes gets ignored in such films.

Overall, nail biting stuff when you find yourself pondering on the images throughout and the close call the human race finds themselves in before they manage to cheat nature herself. If you like Zombies, then this is one for the film list but beware of the stock Hollywood 'save-the-day' ending.

Directed by - Marc Forster
116mins, 15 (2013)

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