31 July 2013

Monsters University

Well I can certainly say that Pixar has truly worked hard on this one. Not only is the script tongue in cheek, the animation is truly ground breaking and the storyline even though we have the classic Disney 'and they lived happily ever after' ending is absolute. Even though it has been over a decade since the first instalment back in 2001 of Monsters Inc, Monsters University will make you laugh, make you jump and is one for all the family.

This film is an adult satirical, whimsical story in disguise as a playful child's film about boisterous, multicoloured monsters. Children certainly would have overlooked all the inventive connections to the previous film and to the characters we know so well; I was finding myself smiling at the sheer detail paid to establishing those connections (including the original Toy Story ball). University - a time that is supposed to be enjoyed, a time you are supposed to reminisce about with your friends and a time for learning how to scare? - yep, scare and this is exactly what these monsters do with their time. This is the first time we see Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sullivan (John Goodman) meet and lets say they are the complete antithesis of each other. Mike (would you believe) plays the stock character of the geek, a loser with braces who wants to become a top scarer - but sadly being a little green beach ball doesn't give him the edge to win over the head of the scare programme; Dean Hardscrabble, voiced terrifyingly well by Helen Mirren. So Mike the geek and Sulley the popular kid; with a popular surname who thinks that will get him where he wants to be, albeit a bit of courtesy and opening a text book occasionally he finds will get you further. Despite the best bud characters we know so well completely clashing on first encounters, throughout their journey to become scarer's they transform into the monsters that both adults and children will grow to adore.

Enough about the troublesome duo as I could go on forever (and no-one wants that!) - the animation (much like in the first film) is utterly flawless. The colour and depth within each frame really portrays how rapidly digital 3-D is progressing and I have faith that it will continue to exceed our expectations. Whether you need to take the children to entertain them during the holidays or simply enjoyed the first one then you will be yet again lost in the wonders of the monster world. Alongside typical college laughs, with a message that is quite profound and results in teamwork being the key (quite a nice life lesson for the kids in the audience) and the utterly gifted writing this is one to be enjoyed.

Directed by Dan Scanlon
104mins, U (2013) 

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