12 July 2013

Da Vinci's Demons - 'History is a lie'

After Dan Brown's popular take on Da Vinci back in 2003 along with other problem solving plot lines (National Treasure 2004 & Wanted 2008) over the last decade, Da Vinci's Demons is yet another one that will keep you guessing and entranced by the amazingness of this Da Vinci's mind. Here we have a new and improved take on the Italian Renaissance and history as a fantasy genre. Da Vinci is more intelligent, cheeky, outrageous and as charming as ever as we are taken on a journey through his early years. Writer David S Goyer who is known for the Dark Knight trilogy and the new Man of Steel creates a thrilling cross between historical fact during this period of time and fantastical drug induced plot lines of  the entrepreneur, Da Vinci himself.

The whole cast provides us with perfectly flawed characters, performed with energy and passion, resulting in beautifully vulgar creatures you grow to love and hate simultaneously throughout every episode. Playing Da Vinci we have Tom Riley (Monroe & Bedlam) who despite not being in the limelight long brings unbelievable spirit and vigor to his character, very reminiscent of Paul Bettany's take on Chaucer in 'A Knights Tale' (2001). Amongst the other characters we have a few recognisable names but in the main we have an up and coming cast. Laura Haddock plays Da Vinci's lover (along with others!) who's first major role was in 2011,'The Inbetweeners Movie'  (I know what your thinking) but on this occasion she is very suited to this more serious and challenging role. With this being only an eight part series the story is fast paced and develops rapidly, however we are still waiting for the answers we seek (much like Da Vinci) in order to make sense of what is happening on screen between all the opium fuelled trips. 

'HISTORY IS A LIE that has been honed like a weapon by people who have suppressed the truth. Centuries from now, your own history will also be suppressed'. This ingenious quote was the only teaser we got up until the programme premièred back in spring and yep the series follows suit by not giving away any spoilers. Who knows maybe we shall obtain the answers we so desire in the second instalment (if they make it that is). Regardless,  if you are up for a bit of history drama, following such a mind as Da Vinci's, demons and all with blood, sex, deceit and laughter then this fits the bill. Just be prepared to be left behind when it comes to certain plot lines!

Directed by various people
60mins, 18 (2013)

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