5 June 2013

Star Trek - Into Darkness

Well, someone certainly set my seat to stun! Star Trek – Into Darkness really is a fast-paced, alien love fuelled journey that will keep you interested and yearning for more (of Chris Pines blue eyes that is). As a science fiction fan myself (not a trekkie i'd like to add) I maybe a little bias, however this has something for everyone. Chris Pines good looks along with Zoe Saldana for the boys to oggle over, Simon Pegg’s comedic timing and Benedict Cumberbatch’s villainy all connect on screen, giving the audience exactly what they want – an action film with serious undertones, some laughs and certainly some cries. If you are a die hard Star Trek fan then this is right up your street. We are back on the Starship Enterprise, with the return of all your favourites from the first film – including Zachary Quinto’s brilliant delivery of the emotionless half human, half Vulcan alien that he is – Spock (but to everyone’s surprise even Vulcan’s cry!). With characters and alien species from the 1960’s series making an appearance, the classic phasers and red shirt appearances will have you laughing in your seats – especially when a fluffy tribble an extinct alien species much like over weight guinea pigs (but very cute) comes back to life making a noise much similar to a mogwai (hate to admit it but think that was my favourite scene). Fluffy alien’s aside, writer J.J. Abrams has done it yet again. This script is quirky, sexy and clever, leaving you hanging on after every scene to see if they can hunt out the rat who sold them out in no other than their own organisation. Without giving anything away, part of me wanted the writers to embrace Kirk's inevitable downfall (well – he should have played by the rules shouldn’t he? But we all like a bad boy) nevertheless here we have the classic Hollywood ending where everyone lives happily ever after in space and defeat the bad alien (s). Ok maybe not that classic then. 

Definitely worth a watch, even if you don't buy into the multimillion selling geeky, nerdy, trekkie – Star Trek. Thumbs up for the action filled alien plot.      

Directed by - J.J. Abrams
131m 58s, 12A (2013)

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