29 February 2016

Monthly Round-Up (February)

Welcome to February! 

A short month (even if we did get an extra day!)...See what I have been watching... 

I'm with Geek ~ 

Limitless: Pilot, 2 & 3

Cinema Chords ~ 

Zoolander 2 

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates
Thanks for reading!

1 February 2016

Monthly Round Up (January 2016)

Welcome to CineLanguages' 1st update of 2016! 

Some terrific films to kick the year off, but this month hasn't been without it's dudds. See what I have been watching... 

The Fan Carpet ~

Dirty Grandpa 

CineLanguage ~ 

The Revenant 

I'm With Geek ~ 
The Big Short 
Ride Along 2
The Revenant - New Featurettes
Adrien Brody Essentials: Dragon Blade 

HeyUGuys ~ 

Bolshoi Babylon 

Thanks for reading as always!